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Initiated to serve the health care needs of the medically underserved

Prince Wend Medical and Health care Center is initiated to serve the health care needs of the medically underserved indigenes of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Region that seeks health care from its sites. The example of medical care the center plans to provide includes but not limited to: A comprehensive of medical care, health promotion and disease prevention including services such as classes in physical exercises, nutrition, diabetics, hypertension, health group classes and health dialogues for the to enhance the total Bio-physio-psychosocial well being. This will help the individuals to be better informed health care consumers, and help to prevent unnecessary and costly medical care due to illnesses that could arise out of poor health management, lack of information, health promotion and diseases prevention. Health promotion and disease prevention is geared towards the objectives of promoting physical exercise, social and emotional well being through routine vaccinations, physical exercise, health group classes, nutrition counseling, health education, alcohol, drug, and smoking cessation which are designed to prevent diseases, promote good health habits and a healthy life style. • Prince Wend medical and Health care center will provide medical and health care services to individuals across life span from two years old to geriatrics.

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The medical and health care services the center will provide includes but not limited to consult for:

• acute, chronic, and ongoing illnesses,

• immunizations services,

• routine, annual and employment physicals,

• urgent care services,

• and daily health education services for disease prevention, health promotion and health maintenance.

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Prince Wend Medical and Health care center is a family practice that will provide the services as listed. The center will provide primary care, travel and occupational health services to all their clients. Prince Wend Medical and Health Care Center knows that each and every patient is different even with the same disease and symptoms will individualize patients care according to its specific presenting condition, medical requirements, response to treatment and needs.


            • Vaccines plus travel vaccines and STD vaccines.

            • Assessment, diagnoses and treatment of various primary medical conditions.

            • Annual, routine, employment and school physicals

            • Health education sessions, classes and teachings

            • Well woman exam including breast exam and Pap smear.

            • Well Men's' exam and prostate exam

            • STD testing, treatment and counseling.

            • Tubersol skin test and treatment of latent TB

            • All routine and travel vaccines plus pre-travel consultations, malaria prescriptions and travelers' diarrhea prescription.

            • Referral to specialists as needed.

            • Preventive health

            • Weight management

            • Geriatrics care

            • Comprehensive Geriatric assessment including nurse practitioner coverage in nursing homes.

            Prince Wend Medical and Health care center will not only provide consult, but will listen, assess, diagnose, treat, educate counsel and evaluate the effect of the treatment provided.

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How do I learn more?
Our Health Care center is committed to community education. We offer speakers for a variety of groups, Individualized 1 on 1 high quality education. Our staff is more than happy to provide patients and family members with additional information and educational resources. Contact our center today at 202-563-0300 or 202-536-2427

Did you know

The human body is a holistic system, so the Health Care Provider directs its attention. So, with the help of a doctor and under its supervision, you can influence the disease and condition your body as a whole.

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