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and health Care center

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About our center

Mission: To reach out to the medically underserved to provide highest level of easily accessible outpatient primary medical/health care services without restrictions to color, age, gender, disease type, national origin, etc.

Goal: To provide the highest quality of outpatient medical care to all the individuals seeking health care from the center.

Philosophy: That those with limited access to medical care around the DC metropolitan region most especially south eastern providence will have easier cost effective highest level of outpatient primary medical care.

  • New Programs: Includes geriatric care, pediatric care, adult medicines and health promotion.

    Pediatric care: We take care or children from two years old and above including various child hood illnesses, diseases and vaccinations.
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    Adult medicine: All adult vaccines, diseases, illnesses, chronic and acute are taken care of. 
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    Geriatric Care: We provide in/out office comprehensive geriatric assessment, medication management, various chronic disease control, fall prevention education, acute illness treatment etc.
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    Long Term care, Continuing Care Facilities or nursing home nurse practitioner coverage
    We provide onsite nurse practitioner coverage in nursing homes based on the individualized nursing home needs and contract to help prevent unnecessary ER transfer, improve standard of the nursing home care, prevent cost and meet up with Regulations.  
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    Health Promotion: Health Promotion, Disease prevention and disability is offered through our schedule bi weekly health education. We provide health education and diseases prevention classes in the simplest words that could be easily understood by any patient and families.